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Hi, I'm Craig, thanks for stopping by my website. The Backroads Boogie started out as an extension of my writings for a local motorcycle magazine.  I've always said riding a motorcycle is like dancing.  Toss in a twisty road or ten and you really start to boogie!  Thus the Backroads Boogie is primarily about me riding motorcycles around the wonderful paved and not so paved roads of the world. I hope you’ll enjoy what you find and please keep coming back for more as I add to the list of photo essays on a somewhat regular basis. (Ok, ok so maybe more of an irregular basis but I try!) The table of contents page lists my entries roughly in order of appearance and date. New entries are added to the bottom of each category.


So what is this site about? 

I started this site as a way to document my travels and adventures in motorcycling.  For a brief period of time I was a Senior Editor at Streetbike Magazine in San Francisco.  During my tenure there I wrote about my travels, bike reviews, local rides and more.  As an offshoot of the magazine I began this website.  Over the years since this web site's inception my interests have broadened to include sea kayaking, river kayaking, bicycling, photography and travel.  Now I do my best to document my adventures in all of those activities in the hope that I can inspire others to enjoy the world as I do.


Who am I? 

Craig Hightower, just an average Joe who likes to share his experiences via essay and photos.  I'm a San Francisco Bay Area native and have yet to find any place else in this world that offers such a diverse landscape with tons of opportunities for adventure and fun.  As I mentioned above I had a brief stint writing for Streetbike/Independent Biker Magazine.  I've also published a couple of articles on other websites and magazines.  It's fun, it's interesting and there are lots of opportunities to meet new people and try new things. As I travel and experience new things I add to this site.  There are occasions when I don’t get around to posting anything new for a while.  Sorry about that.  Happens.  I will try to be more diligent in the future but sometimes life gets in the way…  For more on my background, bikes and experiences go here.


What will you find here? 

I have broken the website down into various subcategories.  The first is on motorcycles, motorcycling and motorcycle touring.  I’ve been riding since 1985 and have had great fun riding street, dirt, and racetracks.  I’m a member of the San Francisco Northstars and have been doing a lot of cool rides with the club which you will see here and on their website.  I also am a casual member of AYU, another SF Bay Area club that sponsors weekend rides all over the state.  The rest of this website is dedicated to “other” adventures, bicycle rides, sea kayak trips and travel.  Along those lines I'm a member of the Bay Area Sea Kayakers club as well as moderator to a couple of Yahoo lists for kayaking.  I enjoy relating my experiences and often add information on places to stay, people and shops that provide good service as well as places to not go! 



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